Welcome to Aster + Quail! We are Allison and Elizabeth.

In our shop you will find our unique handmade wedding and event decor, as well as our collection of pendant lights for the home.

With Asteria, the ancient Greek goddess of shooting stars, as our namesake you can imagine that we are obsessed with everything illuminated. After the fall of the Titans, Asteria was pursued by Zeus through the starry heavens. To escape his advances, she transformed herself into a quail and flew into the Aegean Sea where she became the Greek island of Delos. We are proud of the many transformations Aster + Quail has been through over the years (though none due to Zeus' unwanted advances luckily). Our customers want new things, and we strive to fulfill their desires, creating new pieces as breathtaking as the starry night sky.

Each Aster + Quail piece is handcrafted by the two of us in our tiny New York City studio. Like many small businesses our studio functions as a design lab, manufacturing plant and shipping facility. Some days you'll find us scouring bookstores for old books and vintage maps, or marveling at flora in the New York Botanical Garden. Other days you'll find us assembling paper flowers in the studio or designing new products together. At some point in the day we always break for a pot of tea, and for a snuggle with Basel, our security dog and product tester.

We get a lot of inspiration for our pendant light textures from everyday, often overlooked items, such as upcycled books, soda bottles, and catalogues. Some of our centerpieces are similarly inspired, while others come to us through careful study of flowers. Each piece goes through plenty of tweaking to give the design the perfect diffused glow. Sometimes a special custom designed piece will be the inspiration for a new product that you will find here in our shop.

We hope our designs, whether they be decor for a special event or a pendant light for the home, will inspire and surprise our customers. We strive for elegance, romance, and a balance of dramatic flair and architectural resonance in our designs. With Allison's background in architecture, and Elizabeth's in theatrical costume design, we see our aesthetic as a result of this combined experience.

Enjoy! Allison + Elizabeth